Friday, January 20, 2012


Ever since coming across pinterest while catching up on my favorite blogs, I literally have not gone a day without getting on it. For those who don't know what pinterest is, where have you been? Check it out! I've brought many to the dark side already and the addiction just keeps spreading. My mind is swirling around out of control with potential projects. My only problem with this is that I NEVER have any time to follow through with any of my plans. And let's face it while pregnant, I was not the most stylish especially toward the end. I just threw on what was most comfortable and what could fit. I didn't want to spend too much since I can't justify spending so much money just to wear clothes for only short period of time. But I'm hoping to help me feel better about returning to work (sad face), I'll start putting more effort with outfits.

I'm kind of obsessed with one particular blogger and her style. If you follow me on pinterest you'll know who I am talking about, Kendi Everyday. These are just some of the outfits I love:

Cute cute cute huh?

My other projects that are in the works for Valentines day include:

Tea bags and book mark for Patty.

Ava and Lily helped me with a pinterest project last night. I just need to frame it now :)

It turned out great :)

Pinterest is a healthy addiction I think. Well, that's what I am telling myself. It cures boredom, it provides easy and inexpensive projects, I love the recipes, and it gets me through my late night feedings with Lily.

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