Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Georgia Peach!

I'm officially in my second trimester! The first one went by so fast but I am definitely glad to have made it to 13 weeks! I feel like I'm showing a lot sooner with this baby than when I was pregnant with Ava. I need to get a ball rolling on the belly pictures since I'm showing already. It may not be noticeable if you didn't know I was pregnant but everyone that knows I am thinks I'm showing too. I probably look I'm packing on the pounds or just not holding myself together anymore to anyone else.

My next doctor's appointment is on July 5th. I doubt I'll get to have an ultrasound done but at least ill be able to hear that sweet sound that is the baby's tiny heart beating. With Ava, her heartbeat was around the 140s. With this baby, it's been a bit higher, around 160-170ish ( not sure if that has any significance or is telling of anything).

I'll probably wait to see how that appointment goes before we announce the news to everyone. For some reason I haven't been quite ready.

ugh... Come on two weeks! Waiting for the next appointment is agony!

This is how big my baby is so far :)

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