Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Cruzan Baby

I've been pretty slack about blogging lately and I feel horrible about it so I thought I should come back with a bang!

I haven't decided how I'll announce this news to my Facebook world yet but I just had to tell someone :)

So I thought my blog friends can find out early.

Ava will be a big sister come December and we are very excited to welcome another baby to our little family!

I've been anxiously and nervously waiting on 12 weeks to get here to give me some assurance the baby/pregnancy are on track. We had another ultrasound last week and Noah and I were able to see the baby :) He/she was very active and even waved at us! Feels good to have reached the second trimester. I feel like I can breathe a little easier.

So far I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms like being sick or fatigued. I guess I should be thankful. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go smoothly. I love being pregnant :)

Here we go again :)

And please no Facebook comments as we haven't announced the news yet! Thanks!

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