Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So I Wish I Could Dance

One of my guilty pleasures on TV during the summer is on tonight. I've watched So You Think You Can Dance since it started airing seven seasons ago. I guess I live vicariously through the contestants because I wish I could dance like that. Plus, I love the choreographers on the show. If only I would have gotten into dance when I was younger. I would have an amazing body right now (as opposed to the post baby body I currently have :( ) Hopefully Ava will take to some form of dance when she's old enough. I know Noah will want her active in sports but maybe I'll get a super girly girl that likes to sing and dance like her momma :)

Anyway, back to the show. This year they are changing the competition up. Usually there are twenty new contestants that compete to be America's favorite dancer but this year there are only ten newbies. There are bringing back ten "all star" dancers (former favorites on previous seasons) to be partnered up with the newbies. Last week was just a fun show debuting the contestants. This week starts the competition.

Some of my early favorites (in case anyone cares):

Kent Boyd
Lauren Froderman
Alexie Agdeppa

They are all mainly contemporary dancers but they all have cute personalities and have amazing talent.

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