Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Bees

Noah's mom came in town this past weekend and she'll be here for at least two weeks. Luckily we get along great so it's not one of those "kill me now" type situations. She is watching Ava for us during the day and is soaking up every moment. I'm happy Mimi gets to spend this time with Ava.

Tomorrow Patty and I are getting haircuts. I love getting my hair done. I don't want to cut my hair short this time. This is what I am thinking. I'm nervous though because I haven't tried this hair stylist yet. But I need a haircut badly. So I'll post pics of the after shots later. Hope it's not a disaster.

Tomorrow is Noah's birthday. He is turning 26 yrs. old. He's not much for celebrating but we are going to dinner at least. I know he's so happy that his family can be here with him this weekend!

Noah's brother is coming down to visit with his boyfriend, Justin, on Friday. It's going to be a very busy weekend for us. We'll probably head to the beach (well they may head to the beach, it may be too much for miss Ava), go downtown, the whole nine yards to show them around Savannah. It'll be First Saturday downtown so that will be fun.

And for the Fourth, my dad's side of the family is getting together for a family reunion. Ugh. The weekend will not be long enough, even with the extra day off work. I'm going to be utterly exhausted. But I am excited for Jeremiah to meet his niece, eating yummy food all weekend, dressing Ava up in her little 4th of July outfit, and hanging out with family.

Until next time, I'll leave you with my sweet girl.

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  1. I had my hair cut like that Jessica Simpson picture a few years ago-- loved it. It's a great style for not too long and not too short hair. Have fun sharing your peanut with the family!


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