Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lesson Learned

This week marks three weeks of being on bedrest. All anyone can tell me is to "hang in there" and "enjoy the rest while you can." I know everyone's intentions mean well and they are trying to keep me in positive spirits, but it's been really hard for me. I mean don't get me wrong. I know it is important for the baby to stay put and I have enjoyed sleeping in and getting in afternoon naps, but I have never stayed off my feet and inside my house / in the hospital for this long. I have been thankful to have Noah working from home this past week. At least I have someone to talk to. I think I'm most depressed when the weather is like it was today, beautiful. There was no cloud in sight and the temperature was perfect.

I think Noah felt really sorry for me today so he finally agreed to taking me to Wal-Mart after I begged him over and over again to take me anywhere. So for the first time in three weeks I got into an outfit that was not my pjs and we made our way to wally world. We rode with the windows down and I soaked in the sun. We were in Wal-Mart for probably twenty minutes just picking up something for dinner and I sure felt every minute of those twenty minutes. I was not used to walking for that long and boy could I feel the pressure. It felt like the heaviest bowling ball between my legs. Ouch! So I guess I learned my lesson. I've been on the couch since and paying for that twenty minutes of freedom.

On a different note we received another gift from the New Baby Welcome Wagon. We got a couple of pacifiers and a medicine dispenser. Maybe my next package will reveal who this mystery person is.

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  1. Could you lay in a chair in your backyard?? Maybe read some books or magazines?

    Just brainstorming on how you can stop feeling trapped inside...


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