Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ava will be a week old tomorrow. Life at home with her has been awesome. It's been such a big change but I think we are gradually getting used to it. The first three nights went smoothly, better than I was expecting. I thought I would be dead tired and hear alot of crying. However, Ava has been an angel baby. I'm sure it's too soon to say that because I've been assured my nights won't always be like that. I'll have my fingers crossed anyways.

On Monday, Noah and I took Ava to her first pediatrician appointment to check her bilirubin levels. When we left the hospital last Friday her levels were good but we started to notice a yellow tint to her skin a few days after coming home. I thought she might be jaundiced ( a condition common in newborns because their livers are too immature to break up bilirubin and causes skin discoloration) and it was only confirmed Monday afternoon. Treatment consists of the baby having to lay under special blue lights that will help break up the excess bilirubin. The nurse has instructed us to keep her under there as much as possible only taking her out for feedings and diaper changes. It breaks my heart because I want to hold her, kiss her, just enjoy her. I thought she would be really fussy not being swaddled and because she would be cold, but surprisingly she seems really relaxed under those lights. The nurse came to the house this morning to check on her and to take some blood to send to the lab. She called me earlier tonight and said Ava's levels were still elevated and I needed to continue the photo therapy. I hate it. I hope tonight will be her last night doing this. But she does look cute, like she's relaxing in a tanning bed, doesn't she??

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