Monday, October 26, 2009

Noah, me and Paxx made a quick trek to Centreville last weekend. I'm sad we were only there for the weekend because there are too many people to see and not enough time. We did manange to squeeze in whatever time we had with as many friends and family as we could see. I was really happy to visit with my cousins and see their new baby, Olivia. She is so cute and so little. It was nice to see Isabella too. She was talking non-stop.

Our friend Shannon is always so nice to have people over at her house so Noah gets to hang out with all his friends. It is always a fun time. This weekend was nice because even Jeremiah was in town. Noah's mom was very excited to see all her babies this weekend.

(noah and his friend Vass)

(I could not get enough of this dog. I was laughing for a good ten minutes after I took this awesome picture! How can you not fall in love with her?)

(The Cruzan siblings all together)

Saturday we went to Noah's old highschool stomping ground to support our niece, Monet at her Cheerleading Competition. Being there made me feel so old. There was a section where all the girls went out on the floor to dance while the judges made their decisions and everyone was doing all these dances to songs I've never heard. High schoolers listen to Miley Cyrus??

(Monet and her team won first place again!)

It was a good weekend overall. Next time we hope to make it a longer stay.

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