Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noah has been itching for a new addition to our fur family. I'm not sure why since our house is about to get crowded enough with our addition to our human family. He has been trying to convince me that if we get a puppy at Christmas they will be well trained by the time the baby arrives. I'm still debating. It's enough work with just Paxx. If we get another dog it's going to be a small dog. Here are some of the options he's been presenting to me:

He's always loved pugs. I used to think they were so ugly but I've learned to love them. They are so ugly they are cute.

I love boston terriers. If it was up to me, this is what we'd get. Look how cute they are?

We were watching the Eukenuba Dog Show last weekend and came across this breed, Brussells Griffon. It is another one of those dogs that are so ugly they are cute. This doggy looks just like an ewok.

See what I mean??

Anyway, Noah still has sone convincing to do. But he uses his charm against me. I'm such a pushover when it comes to him. Downfall for sure!

Well big baby developments this week:

By the end of this week the baby will double his weight. Right now, they are the size of an avacado. The baby has eyebrows, eyelashes and is even growing toenails!

The doctor said I might start feeling the baby's tiny movements as soon as 16 weeks but says I won't start really feeling them til about 19-20 weeks.

I still can't believe I'm 4 months already!

What do you think I'm having? Honestly, I don't have any strong feelings toward either gender. I'm just excited to find out. Two weeks are going to drag by.


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