Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Having a Baby. Me. Having. A. BABY!

Ever since my 13 week appointment and the doctor confirmed the baby was doing great I have been reading all kinds of things and researching like crazy. There is just so much that I do not know about having a baby! It worries me that I won't be prepared. I know I am being irrational about most of the worry because I'm sure once the baby gets here I'll be fine. Well I should correct that... At least I'll have help. But those who know the type of person I am knows I am a huge planner/organizer. I like things that are predictable and familiar.

It's been fun learning new information though like what I should eat and things I should do to increase the chances my baby will be smart or when the baby recognizes our voices. I've been reading a book called Baby Bargains and it just helps first time parents know what is really needed and what is a waste. It also compares different brands on all the baby gear out there. It's been really helpful so far. I've also already started researching the do's and don'ts of raising a newborn and how to prepare for them. I even started my own little spreadsheet to keep track of the good tid-bits I find. Yes, I know it's a bit much, but there would be no other way for me to remember all this stuff if I didn't. Plus, I've been forgetting stuff lately I wouldn't forget. I even forgot the date Noah and I got married! I usually don't forget things like that. I blame it on being pregnant of course. I've been using that alot lately. So far it's worked!

I'm technically still 14 weeks (I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow!) Big developments this week (14 weeks): the baby can squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck their thumb! It weighs 1 1/2 ounces and measures 3 1/2 inches (the size of a lemon).

Big Developments for week 15: the baby's legs are growing faster than his/her arms and he/she can now move all thier joints and limps. The baby's eyes are still fused shut but he/she can sense light.

As for me: Most , if not all, my pants don't zip up or button anymore. I bought my first maternity item last week (the BeBand). It's a band to hold your pre-preggo pants up so you don't have to buy maternity clothes just yet. I don't think I would fit into any right now anyway. I have a little baby bump but I just feel fat. I haven't had morning sickness for a week so I'm crossing my fingers it's the end of that. I have also been feeling these little flutters every now and then. I'm sure It's just gas bubbles but it could be the baby moving too.

Stay tuned because Noah and I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and we may be able to find out what we're having!

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