Tuesday, January 29, 2019

5 Keys to a More Stress-Free Mom Life

Today, I have the pleasure of being a guest writer for Moss & Marsh blog offering some tips to make parenting easier. 

Being a mom is far from easy. No one day with kids is ever the same but, I wanted to share 5 keys to a more stress-free mom life. Who doesn't want to be a little less stressed? It's taken a few trials to figure out what works for our family, but I promise incorporating any one of these strategies will help you feel more productive and less anxious so you can enjoy motherhood even more!


 As parents, we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Pinterest sure doesn't help when it comes to planning birthday parties, packing Instagram-worthy bento box lunches and teacher appreciation gifts for example. It's gotten out of hand! In the big picture, your kids will not remember those things. They will remember how you loved them and how you made them feel. Stop putting that pressure on yourself and just be the best parent you can for your child! Doing this alone will help you enjoy parenting so much more.


Kids thrive on structure and routines. My kids come to expect certain things at certain times each day.  For example, my girls know exactly what they need to do in the morning. We wake them, they head straight for the bathroom and brush their teeth, then change their clothes, put on socks and shoes, pick out a snack for school, and I do their hair once I get the babies ready. Most mornings there are no fights and no need for me to remind them of what to do next. A daily routine will help your day run smoother, make you feel less stressed and your kids will feel empowered as well. 


Time is the biggest trigger for stress. Not enough time in the morning or not getting everything done at night. I've had plenty of mornings where I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off and often times those are the mornings I end up forgetting something and feeling super anxious. Preparation is very important. Give yourself 15 extra minutes. Whether you choose to do it at night or in the morning. Use the time wisely and prepare. For example, I check the kids folders and make lunches at night. This saves me time in the morning. Another example, in the morning I'll get the babies' socks and shoes together before they wake up. It's one tiny task that saves me time. Giving up sleep can be hard but I find just giving yourself an extra 15 minutes makes a world of difference. 


Figuring out what to cook during the week for the family, especially with picky eaters, can be a huge stress. I find that planning out my meals for the week makes dinners so much more enjoyable for everyone and it also makes budgeting and grocery shopping easier. We only grocery shop once a week so it's nice to only have to make the one trip instead of picking up items as we need them. I am always looking for healthy, easy, and kid-friendly meals on Pinterest. Every Sunday as I am drinking my coffee I make a list. Everyone knows what we are having and I have less fights and arguments about what we are eating.  I even assigned my pickiest eater some homework. She gives me a list of things she will eat and that way it makes my job easier when I go looking for recipes to incorporate her choices.  


Parenting can be overwhelming and there are some days you count down the time until the kids go to bed. During the day, when you're feeling super anxious or you find yourself ready to explode on the kids, take a moment to leave the room, breathe and count to 10. Just taking a few minutes to reset will not only help you, but possible prevent a damaging episode with the kids. There are some great apps you can download that help you with this. One, for example, is called Stop, Breathe & Think. It's an app that reminds you to just stop and breathe with mindful guided relaxation series depending on how much time you have. 

Are there some strategies that have worked for you that I did not mention above? Comment below and share because I would love to incorporate more ideas if it makes parenting easier and less-stressful! Thanks for reading today's post. Be sure to check out Moss & Marsh blog for more parenting tips and tricks! Also, they have some amazing baby products with a fun coastal vibe! 


  1. I'm not a mom (yet) but I feel like I'm already embodying these tips in my adult life! haha Maybe I am more prepared for parenthood than I thought? Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Kara | Politics of Pretty

    1. That's funny! You're set to go then! Thanks for reading!


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