Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Beauty Picks

There are no tricks here, just some beauty picks I've personally tried and like lately! It's fun discovering new beauty products and thought I'd share some with you.

If you come across something that you really like definitely let me know!

1) Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation: I am picky about my foundation. I have oily skin and I need something that is light but offers full coverage. This foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft powdery finish. It doesn't feel greasy at all and I like the way it fills in my imperfections while still feeling light. I thought it would be hard to figure out the right shade but I worked with my friend Katillia who sells Younique products and took the helpful quiz and was matched perfectly. The shade I use is Velour and so far I'm super impressed. It sells for $39. Check out Katillia's website out for more!

2) Buxom Lip Cream- This lip cream is super creamy and leaves my lips feeling super hydrated and full. It isn't shimmery but still looks glossy. I keep this in my purse and it instantly makes me feel put together in two seconds. I have it in Mudslide and it's the perfect shade for all the blush tones I've been wearing this fall!

3) Urban Outfitters Nail Polish: So far nail polish from Urban Outfitters has definitely been my favorite! Not only is it only $5 but it lasts! I hate painting my nails and then they chip the next day. I am constantly washing my hands or chasing around my kids and this polish is durable! It comes in several different shades but my favorite fall shade is called "Undercover", a cloudy gray color!

4) Dove Dry Shampoo- So being a busy mom I live off my dry shampoo. When I'm in a rush and don't get time to wash my hair this stuff works great. The fresh floral scent is refreshing and with a quick head massage the grease is absorbed leaving me with soft, manageable hair. It provides the little bit of volume I need too that doesn't come with my fine hair.

5) Dove Foam Body Wash- Dove recently introduced this foam body wash and my family loves it. It leaves my body feeling clean and smooth. It gives a nice foamy light lather that is moisturizing and easy to rinse off. My kids think it's fun to wash their own bodies and the pump works great while I'm bathing them. At first I didn't think a bottle would last through too many showers but it really does. If you haven't tried it I'd give it a shot! We're on our 4th bottle!

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