Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cruzans Lately- Fall 2017

There has been so much going on lately with work, school and everything that it's been awhile since I have been able to share what's been going on with the Cruzans lately.

School is in full swing and the girls have been thriving at their new school. We have attended our first school event recently and they had a great time! They seem to be making friends and I am happy they are doing so well!

Solar Eclipse Day- Ava's 2nd grade Class- Ms. Lloyd

Pirate Day- Lily's Kindergarten class- Ms. Herbert

Ava's class scarecrow - Family Fun Night 2017

Lily's Class Scarecrow - Family Fun Night 2017

Mia and Levi are in daycare together and it's crazy how much all the kids have grown. I look at Levi and his friends and remember when they were the babies. They are all little toddlers now! He loves school buses at the moment. He sings the song every day and watches tons of videos on them too! We look for them in the mornings and in the afternoon. For Halloween I decided he was going to dress like a bus because he loves them so much! I just hope we get one good photo op before the costume gets destroyed from him playing with it!

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Levi's Toddler class - Ms. Anna

Mia's Infant Class - Ms. Jennifer

Mia and friend Thea

We got some recent news that Lily will need glasses! So far no one in our family wears them. She has been counting down the days until the glasses she picked out arrive. They are pink! Her one eye is weaker that the other so we are hopeful the glasses will correct this.

Ava didn't want to be left out so she recently picked up a pair of fashion glasses! She looks like such a big girl in this photo! She is 7 going on teenager for sure! Complete with attitude! I am not looking forward to the teenage years in the Cruzan household!

Noah has been traveling out of town a lot lately and we have been lucky enough to recruit help. First, Jeremiah (Noah's brother aka Uncle Bubba) came down to help when daddy left for Sweden in September and now we have Sarah (Noah's sister aka Auntie Ser-Ser) down while Noah is in Australia. The kids have loved it.

Uncle Bubba with the Cruzan crew
Ser-Ser and Lily carving pumkins
Mia turned 5 months earlier this month and she's just a joy. She is my happy baby and luckily she has a calm temperament . We are so excited to be celebrating the first big holidays with her. Right now she loves to sit up and see everything. She follows with her head and eyes and loves for you to sing to her. She's still breast feeding like a champ and her cheeks are still the only thing that people see when they first take a look at her. She will be trying baby food soon and hopefully that will help her sleep through the night.

Mia - 5 months old

In the next couple of weeks we are taking family photos. We don't have any professional family photos since Levi was born so I'm excited to get those done and share them. Stay tuned!

Time is just going by so fast since the kids have started school and I can't believe November is next week. We are super excited to be spending our Christmas at Disney. It will really be interesting to see how the trip goes with 4 kiddos! But we are happy because Noah's whole family is coming along! I love when we can all get together. I may be more excited than the kids.

Thanks so much for reading and catching up with the Cruzans lately!

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