Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer of Everything

The end of summer is coming up with less than a month left until my girls go back to school. My maternity leave has come and gone and I went back to work a week ago.

So if you have noticed, I've been M.I.A. on posting on the blog and on Instagram since baby Mia arrived in May.

I'm living that mom life hard these days juggling four kids and adjusting to my new life. Y'all, four kids is no joke!

We also just moved into our new home and with that comes some adjustments.

It's been  crazy hectic since the summer began with the new baby, new house, and us being on vacation. Throw in a hubby who went out of the country on business!

Life has been going going going and I can barely keep up. I've been feeling displaced and feeling like I've been missing out on a ton.

I'm preparing the girls to start a new school which means back-to-school shopping. I am slowly getting things settled in the house too.

For the most part our house is unpacked and we have the basics. I'm slowly decorating each room how I want them and I can't wait to give you all a home tour!

In the next few weeks I'm looking forward to getting our new routine down so I can get back to posting more regularly. I hope you stick around!

Our Summer in photos:

April: Noah and I sold our first house we bought together. Four kids later and we needed more space!

May: Shortly after the sell of our house Mia was born!

Busy summer with graduations, weddings, first haircuts (for Levi), time with cousins!


Mia slept through most of it :)

We moved into our new house! Unpacking, first night in our new rooms, TV shopping and decorating!

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