Thursday, July 27, 2017

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I was scrolling through my Instagram to when I first started taking photos of my outfits (circa 2012). (Ha, Instagram, this fun new app with fun filters.) I didn't do it for a like. I didn't do it so you'd go out and buy the skirt I was wearing. I starting taking photos of my outfit to start feeling good about myself.

One of my first outfit selfies... Zero Likes hahaha
At the start of my blog I was feeling 'meh' about myself and feeling like I was in a rut. Nothing I was wearing made me feel good. I was working in the corporate world and alternating tops with my black and gray slacks. Boring!

Then, I started following a blog (The Pleated Poppy) where Lindsey would share what she wore weekly through a blog link-up series called "What I Wore" Wednesdays.

From reading her blog and being inspired by every day women like me I started taking my own outfit selfies. By taking photos, I was taking more thought into what I was wearing. The more I liked my outfit the better I started to feel. I was learning what I liked and didn't like and I was really enjoying getting dressed.

One of my first #ootd posts back in 2012

In the last couple of years my blog has evolved. From taking outfit selfies to working with photographers to really up my blog game. You guys, blogging is not for the weary! It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. From taking the time to plan posts, plan outfits, scheduling photo shoots etc., it's a lot! Add that to being a full-time, working mom! I really enjoyed it though so I made the time to see it blossom.

A photoshoot with a professional photographer : Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

I have never claimed to be this mamma jamma blogger but I have enjoyed collaborating with different brands, discovering new bloggers along the way and connecting with ladies who inspire me.

However, with the surprise pregnancy and arrival of my fourth baby to moving into a new house, to going back to work full-time I have had to take a break from what I have learned to love.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, down on myself and uninspired.

So I think I'm going to take it back. Take it back to when I was just a girl... standing in front of a mirror... haha any Julia Roberts fans spot a movie line in there? No, but really. I think I will start my What I Wore adventures again. I think it will help me feel better.

One of my first What I Wore Wednesday (#wiww) posts on the blog

I hope you guys won't abandon me. I hope you follow along as I find my way back again! 


  1. Girl. We have the same brain!! I literally did this, too. Went back to my first posts and started thinking about why I came to the IG platform. I wanted to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and try to shop my own closet and put together unexpected looks to create versatility in my wardrobe. It's come so far from that. And most importantly, it doesn't always make me happy anymore. I look at the numbers more than liking my pictures and the way my profile looks. I don't try to share an unrealistic version of my life, I just like clear, crisp clean images. That's what inspires me and makes me happy about my page. But recently, I've decided to only focus on the real engagement with accounts (and ladies) I love and let the rest fall to the wayside. I LOVE your page and always will, no matter what direction you take it. You were one of the very first fashion/style accounts I chose to follow (a billion years ago ��) and you've been inspiring me from the very beginning. You've helped me come out of my shell, learn to love dressing my body (pre and post baby) and most importantly, how to layer! Love you, mama.

    1. I used to have so much fun and I remember building such great friendships. I feel like some friends are so big and commercialized now! I am going to do a better job of commenting on the accounts I love! I was just talking with a old IG buddy about making IG fun again!


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