Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Levi is 10 months old!

September is upon us which means Levi is 10 months old! Wow! His first birthday is getting closer and closer. I'll need to prepare for the big celebration soon!

Every day our Levi is learning something new and it's just so crazy! Just today I filmed him walking more than just a couple of steps. I think by the end of this month he will be walking full time.

He can say some words that have some meaning behind them. Besides momma and dada, he can say "uh-oh" when he drops something. He knows when we say "touch down" to raise his arms in the air! I mean, he has lots of football in his future so we made sure to teach him young!

We taught him how to blow kisses with his hand too! There's a little Vietnamese clapping song and he seems to know what to do when we start singing the song to him. He can wave hello and goodbye now as well.

He still loves to play in the doggie food/water bowls and his new favorite thing is to turn on daddy's PlayStation console. He's a lot more curious than the girls were at this age. He likes to open cabinets and explore everything in our house!

I can't wait to include him in our Fall plans! We are going to the mountains twice over the next several months and I can't wait to take him to his first pumpkin patch this year! We need to pick out a Halloween costume too for his first trick-or-treating with his sisters!

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