Saturday, June 18, 2016

To My Husband on Father's Day

All who knows my husband, Noah, knows that if he knew I was posting sappy stuff on my blog about him he would kill me, but I'm living on the wild side today. I just want to adequately express how I feel about my husband since he became a father.

Dear Noah,

From the beginning of our relationship you always told me you wanted kids. I could tell you were always great with them. When we first started dating you introduced me to your nieces, Monet and Kiara. They adored their uncle and you adored them. Even now, you would do anything for them.

Despite not always having a father figure around, your mom was doing something right raising you. You put your family first above anything and it shows. You have always been a family man and from the time Ava, our first born, came into our lives I've watch you through this journey of daddyhood.

When Ava was born we were both scared. This tiny baby was relying on us for everything. We both held her so delicately like we would break her at any minute. And as Ava has grown up she's been such a daddy's girl. She could paint your nails, put stickers all over you, make you play dress up and tea party. It cracks me up when you sing silly songs with her. My heart could explode.

Then came Lily, our second daughter. Again, something amazing happened. We were like pros then, no longer scared of what typical first-time parents were scared of.  And I never had to worry about having to take on too much with two kids. You helped out with Ava and everything under the moon around the house. You still do. Your patience with the kids is amazing too. Even when I seem to lose it, you know how to take control of the situation and calm everyone down. I'm so thankful for that. Your laid back personality has always been such a great balance for me.

When we started trying again for another baby I prayed so hard to give you a baby boy. I know you love our girls but something about a son and father relationship is something I've always wanted to give you.

It was this weekend last year, father's day weekend, we went in to find out the gender of our baby. We were all excited and a rack of nerves. I don't even think it registered when the sonographer announced it was a boy. I remember you smiling from ear to ear and it made me so happy. A future buddy to watch and discuss sports with. Someone to hang out with while our girly girls go shopping with me!

And since bringing Levi home I can just tell the special connection you have with our bubs. He lights up the minute he hears your voice and I just know you both will be so close.

I am so proud of you it brings tears to my eyes. You have surpassed all my expectations and I am just blessed to go through this journey with you. I look forward to making so many great memories as a family. I love you. Happy Father's Day, Noah. My love.

Photos by: The Art of Birth

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