Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hug Your Mom Tight

 I keep seeing posts, commercials, and photos for mother's day coming up this Sunday and it's making me so sad. My mom has been gone two years now and as much as days have been easier, there are still moments when missing her hits me hard.

My niece is graduating college this weekend so my aunt from Virginia came to visit. My other aunt lives in Savannah so I went over with the kids last weekend. My mom always loved getting a chance to hang out with her sisters. Something felt so void when I was over there. I miss them sitting in the kitchen going on about Lord knows what and laughing, eating and cooking.

Ava and Lily still talk about grandma and I make sure to remind them we are visiting "grandma's sister" so they remember my mom.

I told Ava last night how much I missed grandma and wished I could spend Mother's Day with her. She looked at me with her innocent eyes and said, "let's bring her some flowers and we can spend time with her". My sweet girl.

We often take our moms for granted. Like they will always be there. I never would have imagined I would lose my mom as soon as I did.

So hug your moms tight. Tell them you love them. I know I wish I still could.


  1. Oh Julia this is beautiful!!! You are absolutely right we shouldn't take our Moms for granted!! I wish you could have your mom here with you again! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! You are an amazing Mom to your three precious children! You learned from the best!


    1. Hi Kira, Thanks! I definitely learned from the best!


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