Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Levi is 4 Months Old!

Levi is 4 months old today. I don't know any of his stats because his doctor's appointment isn't until next week but I'll come back and post it here when I get it. He is more and more alert and loves to express himself with baby gurgles and coos.

He is a growing boy. He barely fits into his 3 months clothes. He has some long legs so we have been putting him in some 6 months clothes. He drinks mama's milk like a champ but is having a hard time transitioning to bottles. I think we need to integrate them more at home so he can take them better at daycare.

My boy is a very happy child. Any time I wake him from sleep or a nap he greets me with a big smile. He is laughing a lot now too. His favorite thing to do is suck on his hands and fingers but we have been working on keeping teething toys he can grasp so he doesn't choke. He is starting to use his fingers more to grasp at things. My necklaces are always at risk of breaking when I'm holding him.

Levi's head isn't so wobbly anymore and when propped up he can sit up pretty well. He can follow you pretty well with his eyes. He is a mighty kicker. He's close to rolling too when we place him on his play mat.

He is still drinking about 3 oz per feeding and he is not quite ready for baby food yet.

He sleeps pretty well and we are working to get him to sleep the whole night. We are close. He gives me a good stretch but still wakes to nurse at least once.

We love our little Levi man. His cheeks are to die for and we have been enjoying each milestone he reaches! We are about to celebrate his first Easter. Can't wait to dress him up and give him his first Easter basket.

We love you, Levi!

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