Friday, January 2, 2015

30 Things...Updated {2014}

Back in January last year I created a bucket list of sorts. It was supposed to be a fabulous new beginning and an adventure since I was turning 30! I went back to the list I made for myself today. I gave myself a whole year to try to accomplish my list. Here is how I did. 

Start Date: January 1, 2014
End Date: December 31, 2014

1. Make a list of resolutions.  

2. Add money to the savings account.-- Well kind of... I added money there for our vacations and Christmas so there isn't much left to show for it...

3. Finish my "me" space project. (I started on a little creative nook in my bedroom for blogging and crafting... that was 3 months ago)-- I think I have done a lot to it so I think I can scratch it off! 

4.  Take better outfit pictures for a legit outfit post.  My friend Dawn took a couple of shoots for me and I was so happy with how they turned out. It's just so hard to coordinate schedules! 

5. Buy a tripod and remote.   I recently bought a selfie stick haha. Hopefully it will help me with talking my own outfit pics. 

6. Reach 100 followers on the blog. -- I reached 73 on Bloglovin' and I'm up to 46 on Google Connect. But I have reached 126 on Facebook! So I think that counts! 

7. Do a collaboration with another blogger. 

8. Surprise my husband with a romantic getaway.

9. Start Zumba back up.-- Typical...I fell off my schedule and it ruined it all... I'll try to start this off again here shortly!

10. Enjoy a spa day.-- I did have one spa day. It was supposed to be for my 30th birthday bash. But my birthday kind of sucked in 2014.

11. Drink more water and less soda. 

12. Send snail mail to at least one friend.  I hosted a fun exchange and participated in a couple of exchanges in Instagram!

13. Make a care package for someone just because. 

14. Organize my closet. 

15. Make at least one improvement in our home. -- We haven't started it year, but we have plans to convert our garage to a bonus room. I'll just move this over to my 2015 list. 

16. Host a giveaway on Instagram/Blog.

17. Learn how to make a macaron.   I learned... I just suck at it!

18. Go out for a girl's night out on the town. 

19. Order and frame family pictures. 

20. Pay it forward to a stranger. 

21. Learn how to make mom's recipe for pho. 

22. Complete at least 5 Pinterest projects.

23. Pay off at least one credit card.

24. Take the family to Disney.  The girls had so much fun on our trip and I want to go again this year! 

25. Rent a cabin.   We rented a cabin finally, for Thanksgiving. It was a blast! 

26. Visit a new city. 

27.  Revamp blog. 

28. Make at least 5 crafts on my Silhouette machine. 

29.  Get a gel manicure. 

30. Do something fun to celebrate my 30th birthday. --I'm pretty sure I need a re-do

So all in all I accomplished 17 of the 30 things. I wasn't expecting to accomplish them all so that's pretty good. I'll work on my list for 2015. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should add to it? 

I really want to accomplish things this year in honor of my mom. She worked two jobs up until she got sick to give her family everything. We lost her kind of unexpectedly and I don't believe she ever really got to enjoy her life like she deserved. I want to do things she would have enjoyed given the chance. I think it will keep her spirit with me too. So bring it, 2015! 

Stay tuned for my new 30 things list for 2015! 

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