Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6 Things Every Woman Should Have

I pinned a similar list on Pinterest about things every woman should have. I read the post off Emily Schuman's Cupcake and Cashmere blog. I altered the list to what I feel every woman should need. Some of the items seem a bit trivial, but I think the list is about learning and knowing what you like, want, etc.

I think knowing all these things about yourself will make you a happier person. So let's get started. And comment below with your list. I'd love to read them!

1. a go-to drink: my go to is one of two things... a malibu pineapple or a cider beer (depends on the atmosphere and who I'm drinking with.)

2. A bestie: I am lucky enough to have 6. They are my people. I know if I ever needed anything they will always be there. You know who you are!

3. a uniform: I guess it depends on the weather. but you'll always find me with jewels; whether it be dainty or sparkly!

4. a good hair stylist: hmm.. I guess my life is not complete. I have yet to find that one person who I feel comfortable enough to do my hair. Wish my bestie lived closer. She understands my hair.

5. a hobby: anything that has to do with DIY. I love projects. I also love my Etsy shop. I make things that make people happy to buy. It's hard work but it is so satisfying. I guess like being a mom. Every woman needs an "out", an "escape".

6. A healthy sense of self: I finally feel like I am comfortable in my own skin. Before, I was always concerned about the size of my clothes. I have realized as long as I feel comfortable in my clothes, it doesn't matter what number is on the tag. I think this concept is so important. Don't get me wrong, I can be self-conscious sometimes, but when I feel confident, I feel unstoppable.

go check out Emily's post to see what her answers are too.


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