Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas sure did come and go! I hate that it goes by so fast. But this year was nice. Lily wasn't sickly this year and both girls were so excited about it all. We spent time with our loved ones and finished off our tradition with a movie (The Hobbit 2).

We took family pics back in November and they arrived just in time for Christmas cards! 

Ava actually sat with Santa this year. We have one for 2010, 2011, skipped 2012 (she was deathly afraid of Santa and wouldn't sit), and now 2013. 
It's been a tradition for us to celebrate Christmas Eve with the Arango family (my sister's in-laws). We eat delicious Cuban food and exchange presents. 

After leaving to come home from the Arangos' we put the girls to be bed and got to work! 

Christmas morning came. I put bacon and blueberry bread in the oven and waited for the girls to wake. Ava finally woke and shortly after Lily did too. They were so excited for all the presents Santa brought them!

We went over to my parents' for Christmas lunch. So happy the weather cooled down in time. Earlier in the week it was in the high 70's!

So blessed to have this guy. He totally spoiled me! 

I must have made it on the nice list this year! I got so many fabulous presents! I may or may not have a shoe problem! 

We have one more Christmas when Noah's sister and her family arrive! 

How did you spend Christmas! Hope Santa spoiled you all too!

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  1. Awww they are so cute and happy!! My hubby spent 3 hours putting together a train table for my son on christmas eve! It's so easy to underestimate the work we have once the kids go to bed on christmas eve. I just have to say I LOVE your little girls names. Those are our top two names if we have a girl next (someday) I am rooting for Ava and my hubs wants a Lily! Seriously...we have way too much in common!


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