Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Ten on ten really should be ten photos in ten consecutive hours and its supposed to be about finding beauty in the ordinary. But let's face it, I'm in an office for 8 out of those 10 hours and there is only so much beauty to be found in a cubicle.

So my twist on ten on ten is ten pictures from today.

1. Here's my office pic. So much beauty, I know.

2. I learned a new way to tie my scarf. It's my new fav thanks to a fun Internet tutorial. You can find anything on that internets :)

3. My breakfast. Yum yum!

4. Went home to let Oskar boy out.

5. Candy corn season :)

6. Baby Lil in her new outfit! What a cutie!

7. My big girl relaxing before dinner.

8. Lily was trying to grab at the sun light coming through the blinds lol.

9. My dinner. This is 143383 points on weight watchers I'm sure.

10. We sang and had cake for Mimi's birthday tonight since she's traveling this weekend.

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