Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

Yes, it's Friday! And I'll tell you I'm in love with Instagram! It's been my recent obsession for all things fashion lately! I've been discovering cute outfits, fun new brands, new people to follow, and new ways to take selfies.

Here are just some of the pics I've liked for various reasons:

Omg, my next new manicure, Jewel tones 😍😍😍😍

Speaking of jewel tones, loving these emerald colored jeans. Bringing colored jeans to the fall! Oh, and I have a similar scarf so can't wait to pair it together!

Ahh! This j crew bracelet! I already have the other one, my favorite Stella & Dot renegade cluster :)

Selfies like these are my absolute favorite. Love seeing what outfits are put together!

Love chain links right now.

This outfit is just gorgeous. I want polka dot pants. Well I like polka dot anything actually...

Green cargo is definitely in this fall. I'd like this vest, some pants, and a military jacket... I hope to find one sooon!

Never been able to pull off ankle boots but I'm determined to find a pair I can rock! Love these in this color because it would go with anything.

This bib necklace comes in so many colors and I want them all.

Cute cheap sunglasses. How fun are these and they give you such personality! I'm coming out of the weekend with at least a pair of these. It will probably only set me back $10 max and I can handle that...and hubby won't notice 😉

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