Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Weekend Wrap-up

My Pinterest inspiration: chambray shirt, white capris, and leopard print flats

My version :)

I don't have a full length mirror so I found on at the mall :)

Imagine that, we made it to the mall again.

There is something wrong with this picture.

This is what happens when I wear necklaces around this kid.

My latest purchases :)

Lily's latest purchase. Love this ikat pattern. Good choice Lil'

I made nanner pudding for Sunday's Father's day lunch

And banana bread :)

Someone woke up at 7:30, but momma was still half asleep.

Ava stole my phone and when I finally got it back I had a million shots of Dora!

Ava carrying around her best friends, Foofa and Tootie.

My daddy :)

Ava's latest thing, imitating her Mimi! Lol! She's such a jokester!

She had a grand ole time swimming with everyone

Lily had fun too!


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