Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 Months!

From this

To this already?

Lily is 6 months old today. Time continues fly by too fast. I'm constantly trying to keep up. I'm so thankful I started a blog because with out it or Facebook I'd be horrible at remembering things. I was trying for the life of me to remember Ava's first word the other night. Frantically, I searched through past blog posts. Her first word was "dadda".

Lily has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and it's always fun to see how much she's grown. It's not fun knowing the mean nurses are going to give her shots and make her cry though. And double trauma--she's getting her ears pierced.

But I'm going to try not to think about that. Noah is taking her thank goodness.

So what's going on in Lily's world lately?
▶she is #1 drooler in the house. Paxx is #2.
▶blowing bubbles of spit just doubles the bib count throughout the day
▶she recognizes her name and will turn her head when you are talking to her
▶she eats about a jar of cereal/baby food a day and drinks 6 oz almost every three hours.
▶she can reach for objects and can put them in her mouth.
▶she loves Ava. Ava sings to her and lily gets so excited kicking her legs and laughs
▶sleeping pretty much through the night
▶has a bit of separation anxiety
▶can sit up with support
▶she wears 6m clothes and size 2 diaper
▶likes her pacifier when she's tired
▶can roll from her back to her belly. But hates tummy time !

Next is holding her bottle, crawling, and solid foods!

Lily-Ava at 6 months.

And some shots of lily and bunny friend that didn't make Facebook.

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