Friday, February 25, 2011

Week in Review

My oh-so-interesting week in review:
1. Started some of Ava's birthday party projects (birthday banner, invitations).
2. My new Rocketdogs (shoes) came in the mail :)
3. Enjoyed catching up on all my t.v. shows (Grey's Anatomy, Big Love, American Idol, Glee, and Teen Mom)
4. Took Ava on several walks in her new Radio Flyer. She loved it.
5. Ava took several more steps. Especially tonight. She might abandon crawling soon. bittersweet.
6. Enjoyed a yummy banana pudding parfait for lunch.

My To-do list for the weekend:
1. Get taxes done. Show me the money!
2. Have car washed and get an oil change. Exciting!
3. Start and finish another birthday party project: colorful tiered trays (I was inspired when I came across this blog.
4. Play with Ava-monkey. And cuddle with her as she has made her way to our bed several times this week already. Did I mention my child refuses to sleep through the night?
5. Enjoy a McDonald's vanilla cone, a favorite. Maybe dip my fries in it too :)

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