Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things I Want

I have been eyeing these things lately. My birthday is coming up... maybe I'll treat myself to one or two of these :)

1. Cookie pie with ice cream. I am not much of a cookie eater, but I love hot and cold together. Hot cookie + ice cream = i'minheaven. And what I like about this is if I ever was trying to feed lots of people, its so easy, cheap, and delicious. Just add scoops of ice cream and pass out spoons. Everyone can dig in :)

2. I love this rosette necklace from Allora. It adds a pop of color and its just adorable. I. want. one. There are so many colors to choose from but I love this green.

3. I want a pair of nude shoes. They go with everything.

4. An off the shoulder summer dress to wear with my nude shoes :)

5. I like this simple necklace from Chantelle Nicole Designs. I wouldn't mind either "J" or "C" or "A" (for ava :) )

6. Colorful Converse family. I came across Joy's Hope Blog and fell in love with this idea for a future family photoshoot. Too cute. And by the way, I love this blog.
7. These flats are just too adorable and I l-o-v-e some flats. These are from Delias.

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