Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Heart Fall

Fall is my favorite. It's the start of the holiday season which means I can bring out my pumpkin patch candle from Bath and Body Works... I can smell it already. Mmmm. And I mind as well go ahead and buy my Christmas tree scented candle during the 2 for $20 deal :)

Fall means I can wear my boots, bring out my scarves, jeans, peacoats, and cute fall sweaters. I guess the new trend this year is the over the knee boot.

I'm really digging these Jessica Simpson ones

But am I going to look super short since I don't have the legs?

Fall also means eating gooooood! Turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoe casserole the all the marshmellow and brown sugar fixin's.. nom nom nom nom.

I am especially loving Fall this year because it kick starts Ava's first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, and first Christmas. It will be such a special holiday season.

My sister bought Ava such a cute Halloween costume. You'll have to wait and see how cute she is :)

After Halloween I want to take our first family portraits. I want to take them outside. It could turn out wonderful or it could be a disaster with tantrum baby and a non-smiling husband... But I still want to get them done and I'm hoping the former happens!

Then its pictures with Santa. And I don't even know where to begin to make this Christmas a super first one for Ava. So much pressure. Real tree or fake tree? Can it just snow for me this year in Savannah? That would really be awesome :) And what do I get a 9 month old that she'll absolutely love and beat everyone else's presents? Because mom and dad should have the #1 present right? I can't wait to buy her first Christmas eve pjs, pick out a special ornament, and gett her a stocking :) the list goes on and on...
Oh man, that was alot. Exciting :)

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