Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Free Moment

I have tried to post all day long, but every time I get signed on baby girl gets up from her nap. I think she is down for the night this time. So here goes, take 5.

It's a big day for Ava tomorrow. She has graduated from the baby classroom to the infant class! What a big girl! She also has her six month check-up tomorrow. That means more shots :(. But i can't wait to see how much she has grown. On top of shots, she is getting her ears pierced! I'm glad Noah is taking her. I would probably not be able to handle seeing her crying. It breaks my heart to see genuine tears. But she'll look so cute with earrings. I figure we should do it now since she is not messing with her ears. We should be getting no more "he is so handsome" or "he's a cutie!"

Sleeping is back to normal. We are getting her to go to bed earlier and she usually only gets up once during the week. We have our nighttime routine down so I think that helps. I hope to celebrate sleeping through the night very soon!

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