Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Baby Items

So being a new mommy I didn't know what I would need when I had a baby. I registered for almost every gadget and thing-a-ma-jig I read about or heard moms use. I talked to other moms and listened to their suggestions.

I thought I'd share the top 5 baby items I swear by since I've had Ava.

1) onesies and burp diapers - I guess this counts as two items but I use these every day. Ava practically lives in her onesie unless we are going out on the weekends. They are comfy and easy. Also, you don't feel too bad if it gets pooped on or soaked because you can just throw on another one. I actually haven't used any on the ones that cover her feet. It's been too hot and also I don't want to bother with them at night when I have to change her diaper. And burp diapers. I use them with every bottle feeding and since she's been teething they come in handy. Alot.

2) playpen/napper/changing table combo - This sucker definitely was worth having. I needed something to put in our bedroom because the first months of her life she slept in our room. It was so convenient to have a place for her to sleep without having her in our bed. The changing table is definitely put to good use and I use the playpen to store her clothes, diapers, wash cloths, and all her other goodies I use daily.

3) formula dispenser - I love this thing. It makes fixing bottles so simple. It has sections to separate each feeding. I measure out the correct amount of nursery water in each bottle and keep the formula dispensers full so when she needs a bottle I just dump the formula in the bottles and voila! no brainer. It keeps from having spoiled milk when we are out and about on the weekends bc we just fix bottles as we need them.

4) video monitor - For those who know me I have anxiety issues. I don't think I would be able to sleep if it were not for my video monitor. I opted for this rather than the regular audio monitor because I like being able to see the baby. Sometimes Ava will make noises in her sleep but not really be awake so it's nice to see her on the screen and not have to get up to check on her every time I hear something on the monitor. Also, it helps put my mind at ease when I don't hear anything to be able to see she is sleeping peacefully and not suffocating under her blankets or anything.

5) receiving blankets - You can never have enough of these. I used them alot when Ava first came home from the hospital to swaddle her in. They are really light so I use them when she goes to sleep. I can also lay them down anywhere and have tummy time instead of pulling out playmats.

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  1. Thanks for this post Julia! Much appreciated as a mommy-to-be


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