Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Baby Items Continued

After my last post I thought about some other top baby items...

6) The Bumbo Seat - It's a seat that helps the baby sit up and not tip over. This has been a livesaver for Noah and I when we need to get little things done around the house. We use it for her to sit in while we eat dinner at night, if I need to do the dishes, sweep/vacuum, or even so I can write this post :)

7) The Graco Flip-it Travel System - This stroller just came out this year. I was so excited when I was flipping through a baby magazine and saw this new stroller from Graco. It comes with a car seat, car seat base, and stroller. The reason I like it is because it is light-weight, it breaks down easily, and because it gives you two options for the baby to ride. You can flip the handle so the baby can face everyone else or they can face you. We liked the travel system in general because everything comes together and we didn't have to buy the car seat and base separately. It was also pretty affordable. Other strollers with a flip handle option are in the $300s and up and that is ridiculous to spend that much when they will outgrow this stroller eventually.

8) Body support by JJ Cole -I bought this for Ava's carseat. It is a reversible body support that adds some cushion and keeps her in place. It definitely was handy for when she was a newborn because she was so much smaller than the car seat. The cushion comes with a detachable head support and strap covers for the safety belts. When she sleeps her head isn't wobbling all over the place and the belts aren't cutting into her neck. I didn't like the wool ones I saw out there and this one is reversible fabrics so I can still use it this fall/winter.

9) Changing pad - the diaper bag I bought came with a changing pad. I like the idea of a changing pad because I use it every time I change her when I'm not at home. It cleans up easily with a cloth in case of any accidents and it's so nifty. I use it in the car, in public restrooms (when I absolutely have to change her in one), even on the couch or bed.

10) Diaper bookbag - I opted for a bookbag style diaper bag because Noah didn't want to carry around a girly diaper bag. It comes in handy because I can just throw it on my shoulders and I don't have to worry about the straps falling off my shoulder when I have to carry her car seat. The one I got also has many compartments and an insulated section for bottles and food. The brand I went with was Columbia. It was the most manly one I could find and live with.

More I won't go into detail: mylicon drops, bottle cleaning brush with suction base to keep away from germs (by munchkin), bottle drying rack Avent microwave sterilizer... man I can't even stop with this list...

And for a short list of money wasters:
1) wipe warmer- way too fancy. what are you going to do when you're in public? the baby will be fine with regular wipes. trust me.

2) bottle warmer- same thing here. just stick to room temperature.

3) infant positioner - I tried using this for Ava to sleep in her crib but she woke up every time. I didn't get one good use out of it and could have just lived without it.

Okay. I need to stop. I'm sorry for rambling. Hope this helps someone :)


  1. Infant positioner was totally not a waste of money for us! Riley has slept on it since she was born! And she has slept through the night pretty much since she was 1 1/2 months. That could also be the cocoon sleeper too! Totally agree with you on the wipe warmer and bottle warmer though, money down the drain!

  2. You are way lucky Riley sleeps through the night. I'm jealous :)


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