Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Did I Get So Lucky?

I wanted this post to be by itself. Our lives are so busy sometimes and especially hectic during the holidays but there are some moments in there where you can sit and reflect at how lucky you truly are.

This year has been one I will remember forever. A year I was able to be in Savannah and really enjoy spending time with my family. And even though the beginning of this past April I suffered a miscarriage, I was blessed with a miracle when I found out I was pregnant again in July. I also would have never thought I would have been lucky enough to buy a house either this year.

But all of that was not the purpose of my post today. Like I was saying, there are some moments when you can really appreciate how lucky you are.

Last night after being discharged from the hospital and driving home, I realized I forgot my precription on the hospital bed. Noah turned around and went back up to my room to get it and then fill it at the pharmacy. I got home and settled down on the couch because I was exhausted from spending all day at the hospital. Noah made sure I didn't have to get up for anything. We ordered pizza and he made me a plate. I know it's not a big deal and I'm just being super mushy but in those small gestures I realized why I love being married to him. He has a really tough exterior most of the time but he really has a very nuturing side to him too. If he knew I had a post about him revealing this he would probably kill me. But lucky for me he doesn't read my blog so I'm in the clear. Don't blow my cover folks!

I cannot wait to see him as a dad. I have no doubt in my mind he will be the best daddy to Ava. She'll be spoiled silly and he will always be an active part in her life. What more could I ask for. how did I get so lucky??

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