Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crappy Friday

I have a routine in the morning. Wake up, brush my teeth, put on my make-up, fix my messy hair, change, fix my breakfast/snacks and lunch for work, kiss noah good-bye, and drive to work. I was minding my own business driving to work and out of nowhere a van tries to turn in front of me. I tried to brake and avoid hitting it, but BAM, it's done. There's goes my Friday.

The lady and I are both fine. We call the police, a report is made, and my car is towed to some body shop. I was thinking I would just go work and deal with the insurance company. But it's not just me I have to worry about anymore so I call my doctor and they tell me to go to the emergency room.

Little did I know I would be there for the next 8 hours. The ER doctor gave me an ultrasound and Ava seemed perfect. She was doing just fine. But he talked to my doctor and he wanted me to undergo some more precautionary monitoring. They wheel-chaired me up to labor and delivery and I had a glimpse of what it's going to be like in about 4 months. It was a weird feeling. surreal. Well I got my own room, a more comfortable room than the triage room downstairs. The nurse hooked my belly up to some monitor and there I sat for the next two hours. At this point I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast and some carrot sticks I thankfully stuck in my purse for my afternoon work snack. I was starving. I didn't think my day would be spent here so I didn't even tell Noah to come with me. My sister said I was crazy not to ask anyone to come up there so she came. She came with McDonald's. She's awesome. I ate like I've never eaten before! It was goooood.

My doctor finally arrived and he took a look at the series of papers the monitor had been spitting out for the past couple of hours. Apparently I had been having pre-term contractions! yikes. I didn't even feel anything. So just like that he ordered mandatory bedrest for the next three days and prescribed me some anti-contraction medication. There went my weekend and one full work day. Anyone would probably love three days of doing nothing. But anyone that knows me knows I don't like sitting still. I have lists. I have things to scratch off those lists. And I can only get up to go to the bathroom?? Boo.

But I have to remind myself that this is for Ava. She'll be worth all of this.

So, maybe I'll just relax, take this opportunity to pull out my Felicity dvds, and do some online shopping!

Thanks Crappy Friday. Thanks.

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