Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show Us Your Life - School Pictures

So I should have posted these pictures two weeks ago as a Friday, Show Us Your Life feature on school pictures but didn't know how to use my home scanner until now. My pictures were just too good not to share so be prepared to be entertained this fine Saturday. Let's start in order shall we?

(This is my first grade picture. I have no clue if I picked this outfit out or if my mom did, but it's super 80's isn't it? Two important things to notice here. 1) I have grills as my top row of teeth. Yes, solid silver teeth. No wonder my teeth are still jacked up. I had problems drinking milk when I was little. It's a good thing I didn't care too much back then because I smiled big in all my pictures when I had these teeth. 2) I guess I ripped a hole in my stockings that day and I had the intention of just covering up the hole in the picture, but too bad the photographer never told me I was covering up the wrong knee. Shame on him. My parents still bought this picture for some reason. They blew it up too. Great.)

(This ladies and gents is my third grade picture. I no longer have my silver teeth. They were replaced with huge chic-let teeth. You can still tell I am the child of the 80's with my puffy sleeves. I remember this dress was super itchy.)

( It's okay to laugh at me here. This is my seventh grade school picture. On the morning of picture day as I was curling my bangs I smelt something burning. Then I saw hair falling in the sink. I BURNT my bangs OFF? On PICTURE DAY? This picture was doomed from the start. First off, my chic-let teeth never got any better so now I am brace face. Secondly, I still managed to curl my bangs thinking it would look less noticeable. I was wrong. Notice this is just the proof because I refused to buy this picture.)

(This is my eleventh grade picture. No more braces thank goodness. My eyebrows are not looking like caterpillars anymore and I got rid of the bangs.)

(Finally, this is my senior picture.)

Hope you enjoyed these as much as it pained me to post.
Happy Saturday People :)
Oh and Go DAWGS!

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