Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making a Baby - Month 1

It has been a long three months since my miscarriage but I am ready to try again. I wish I could feel more care-free about this whole process but the truth is, I'm terrified. I'm terrified it will be difficult for me to become pregnant again. And when and if I become pregnant I'll be terrified that the pregnancy won't take. I don't think anyone can understand this except those who have had miscarriages before. I was 8 weeks along when I lost the baby. It was only during the first trimester but it was a lost just the same. I was heart broken and now I'm afraid I can't let myself enjoy this whole journey again. I've always wanted to be a mom. And I can't wait to see Noah as a dad. I know he'll be great. So we'll try to let things happen as they come and try to enjoy each moment of success. I'm going to start back on the pre-natal vitamins again and I'll pull out the nifty pregnancy planner. Noah is of course not as obsessed as I am. He's more of the "it will happen when it happens" but we are still on the same page. We want a baby. So wish us luck!

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