Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Little Adventure

My family and I decided to drive to Helen, Georgia where we were under the impression we would be floating lazily down the 2 hour length river enjoying the relaxing afternoon. Let me tell you, this is not how things transpired. We had a big group with us, about twenty in all. We all got our floats and headed on the bus to the top of the river. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. Our group kind of split up once we all touched the water. Noah and I had clips attached to our tubes so we could stay together. My pregnant cousin Trecia and her family including her two year old daughter Isabella were in another tube pretty close to us. The water was super cold. That we could deal with since it was pretty hot and humid out. The water was super low so the minute all of us got onto our tubes we were instantly sitting on sharp rocks. I was worried about my pregnant cousin having to get in and out of the river and maybe slipping on the sharp rocks. We had to get out and push ourselves off the rocks (the sharp rocks like the one in the picture) and this happened almost every minute no lie. It was so pretty but we couldn't enjoy ourselves. I almost killed my ankle like three different times. So much for floating lazily down the river. I think I stayed on my float only a minute tops at a time. So the injury count for the hour we stayed in the river before we jumped out at the first possible moment: nine stubbed toes, two scrapped knees, three sore backs, and four sprained ankles.

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