Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Blog

Ahh... my first post. So much pressure. I guess I'll start by telling you about myself. I'm a twenty-five year old newlywed that has been cruising through the first year of marriage. I cannot believe it'll be a year on August 2nd. How the time flies! I met my now husband my freshman summer in college at the University of Georgia. We dated long distance for the whole duration of school. I graduated in 2006 and moved to Virginia to be closer to him and I happened to land my first job there. I was there for about two years and moved back to my Savannah where I call home right after our honeymoon. I have been so happy to be back in home. I feel like I can finally settle down and start thinking about all the other things I want in my life ( like babies and owning my first home, but more on that later).

So I was not sure about this whole blogging thing but I think I'm starting it for a couple of reasons. One, because I have a crappy memory and so I think it's a great way to document the first precious memories of marriage and all our other adventures. Two, because if you don't know me, I am a very anxious person. I tried seeing a therapist late last year (and more on that later too). It didn't work for me so maybe blogging with help ease my anxiety issues some. I've always been into journaling and I have always been better at expressing myself on paper so I'm looking forward to this.

So hello blog! I embrace you!

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