Monday, April 27, 2020

3 Tips to Staying Active with Young Kids + Matching Mother-Daughter Sets with Fabletics

Keeping up with exercise is a hard enough task for anyone, but when you have kids it's even more difficult. Most of my time is filled with mom-duties for my four young kids. I struggled with finding any time to exercise, but starting in 2020 I wanted to really focus on my health.

I've learned some things that have helped me prioritize fitness and today I'm sharing 3 tips for staying active with young kids.

[1] FIND THE RIGHT TIME: This is probably easier said that done, but I realized the best time for me to work out is when my kids are asleep. I am pretty exhausted by the end of the night after the kids go to bed so I knew evenings wouldn't work for me. But, I am a morning person so I knew sacrificing a little bit of sleep in the mornings would work best for me. Definitely, do what is best for you because you do not want to dread working out.  I found that working out in the morning is a great start to my day. I feel accomplished, I enjoy my me-time and I don't feel rushed.

[2] MAKE YOUR WORKOUTS FUN: Let's be real, not everyone looks forward to working out. But I have found ways to make workouts fun. I love dancing and high energy type workouts so when I gravitate toward dance and barre workout videos. I have a subscription to Pop Sugar Fitness on YouTube and they have some great dance workouts. I also love the Fit On app. The trainers are excellent and workouts go by so quickly when you are having fun. If you haven't had a dance sweat session with trainer Aubre Winters, I highly recommend! Also, workout to your favorite music. Pamela Reif has some great song workouts.

[3] STAY ACTIVE ALL DAY: Even when you don't have time for a structured workout, make a point to stay active anyways. If you're working, use your lunch break to take a brisk walk. I found that wearing my Apple watch helps me to stay motivated. Gotta close those rings! If you have an Apple watch, you know what I'm talking about. Another fun feature on the Apple watch is sharing your activity with friends. It becomes a friendly competition to help motivate you even more.

[4] If all else fails, GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED: Some days are just harder to get a workout in when you have young kids. Instead of feeling defeated, get the kids involved. Especially during quarantine, we go on walks around the neighborhood at least once a day. They get to burn some much needed energy and you all get your steps in! Win-Win. And I am sure everyone benefits from the fresh air.


Do you like twinning with your daughters? I thought I would do it more often, but after seeing these cute work out sets I want to twin more with my girls!

I am excited to share Fabletics and Ginger Ressler released a Mother-Daughter capsule just in time for Mother's Day. I could not be more in love with this collection.

This capsule is super fun and meant for kids to feel confident, comfortable and cute! I know I feel motivated to stay fit when I feel good in what I'm wearing. It can inspire your kids to want to focus on staying active too! 

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  1. Love this so much. Morning workouts do seem to get your day started right. I can't wait to have a mini-me and have her match me all the time. This is too cute!


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