Wednesday, October 2, 2019

4 Ways to Support Your Blogger Friends for FREE

Blogging is not my full time job. Do I wish at some point it would turn from a side hustle to a full time gig? Yes, I would. I truly enjoy being a blogger because it's an amazing creative outlet for me. Blogging full time would also give me the flexibility I desire to be a more involved mom for my kids.

Currently, I've have been introduced to so many wonderful opportunities to work with different brands to promote products. In exchange for creating the content and spreading the word, I may be compensated.

It may seem like bloggers are always in your face asking you to open up your wallet. I feel the same way sometimes when I see my favorite bloggers. I understand not everyone is rolling in the dough and that is okay.

Another part of being a blogger is finding new partnerships and work. Although I have a full time job, adulting really sucks. Earning money through blogging helps my family feel a little less stressed by adding a little cushion.

Finding those new partnerships can be challenging because brands usually only work with bloggers with a big reach because they are looking for a relationship that will be mutually beneficial. This is where I could definitely use your support.

I don't think everyone realizes just how much the support you give matters. Every like, every follow, every comment, re-share, tag, etc. matters so much.

Did you know there are ways to support your blogger friends without even spending a dime? Let me share with you 4 easy ways to do it!


Now, I know Instagram is the more popular place for people to be on, but I am trying to get back to my roots- my blog. Instagram can crash or can place a ban on me for no good reason at any time. We have no control over what happens. However, my blog is my baby. I have total control and I have been working very hard on it to share more that others want to read. A HUGE way to show your support would be to read my blog.  If you are feeling super supportive, please leave a comment, follow me, sign-up for my newsletter (if I get enough friends, I will send out my first one), click around and explore the blog. With website metrics, I am able to capture vital information. This information is a key indicator for brands that the content is strong and engaging and helps me when I'm trying to pitch to brands. I would love you forever if you could help a sister out! 


Did you know I am active on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well as Instagram? Following me on other social media platforms is an awesome way to show your support without having to open your wallet! When I am trying to find work, showing that I have reach beyond one platform is a plus. Go ahead and click on the links and please give me a follow. Thank you in advance! 


Every like, follow, comment and save counts! You hear about the nasty IG algorithm all the time. To combat it, it takes a consistent amount of likes, comments and saves. Plus, I truly enjoy connecting with everyone. It helps for me to understand what you like to see so I can create my content accordingly. 


If you find a post that resonates with you or really like the content and you share that with your circle of friends that is amazing. I know it makes me so happy when something I said or share speaks to you enough for you to re-share and tag me. You can also share our blog posts to your social media accounts. It always puts a smile on my face to know others are able to read my posts this way. 

I have no interest in participating in a massive loop giveaway or paying for followers.  That is definitely not my style. 

Now, that I have shared with you some super easy ways to show your support without costing you a penny, I hope that you'll help a sister out! Just these simple actions can make the difference for a micro-blogger like myself! 

And please let me know if you need support too. It does not have to be one-sided. 

Thank you so much to everyone that shows me so much love on a daily basis. It makes my heart so full reading each and every message or comment. I hope that I provide the same to you too. 

The BEST part about being a blogger/influencer has been the connections I have made and the relationships I have built. I am blessed to call a lot of the ladies I have "met" via the blog conference, on Instagram, etc.  my real life friends. 


  1. This is a very helpful piece. Support goes a long way!

    1. I'm so glad you find it helpful! Thanks so much for reading the post! Support does go a long way!


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