Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tips for Better Sleep for Baby

Mia in her Zen Swaddle

Being a mom of four I have learned to appreciate all the tips and tricks if it means better sleep (for all involved).

I fully admit not all of my babies have been good sleepers but over the years we have learned a few tips and tricks that definitely helped the baby sleep better and longer.

Today, I'm sharing what worked for us and would love to hear what other great tips/tricks worked for you!

1) Night Time Routine: Babies thrive on a good schedule. Our nights usually consists of dinner, play time, bath time, cuddles and bed time. The more you stick to the schedule the easier it gets when it's time for bed time! Babies know what to expect each night.

2) Pajamas: light clothing, preferably cotton pajamas. They are comfortable underneath swaddles and/or sleep sacks. In the summer I'll just put on a onesie or light zip-up footed pajama suit.

3) Dim/Dark room: we find it helpful to keep the room either dim or dark. Less stimulation will make sleep come sooner. We have used a little light projector too that shines little stars on the ceiling. I am also in love with our baby night light. It has adjustable lights and color. It is great for when I have to nurse at night because it's just enough light for me to see and dim enough to keep the baby sleepy.

4) Sound: My babies loved the sound of the ceiling fan or hum of a white noise on a sound machine.

5) Full tummy: I always found it easier for my babies to sleep longer when they ate/nursed right before bed.

6) **Swaddle: I've used many different swaddles over the years and I was excited to have to opportunity recently to try out the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean. Babies are startled easily from their sleep and swaddles tend to give them a sense of security. During nap times when any of my kids have been startled my natural reaction has been to put my hand on their chest and usually it settles then right down. The Zen Swaddle mimics your touch with lightly weighed pads on the chest and sides. What I like about the swaddle is it can be worn longer than a traditional swaddle. Mia likes to have her arms free so it's nice that she can wear the swaddle with her arms out too. Once she's out of the swaddling stage I'd love to try the Zen Sleep Sack.

7) Dry Diaper: Babies sleep better when they are comfortable and part of that is ensuring they go to bed with a fresh diaper. It also prevents wetting their pjs and sheets and waking them up in the middle of the night. I always found success with Pamper Swaddlers or Little Movers from Huggies!

8) Diffuser: I keep a essential oil diffuser in the room. It fills the room with lavender and camomile. I also put some immune boom oil that helps to also build the baby's immune system. The diffuser has a soothing aroma and creates a tranquil environment ideal for bed time.

Mia snoozing in her Zen Swaddle

well-rested Mia

** I was sent the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is always my own. 

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