Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Cruzan Baby!

Levi had his last milestones session with The Art of Birth Photography last week and I asked Dusti if she might be able to incorporate a special announcement at the same time. We loved how the photos turned out and are very excited for our "little" family!

Our sweet boy is 14 months old and is starting to say more and more words. My favorites include him saying Thank You and Night Night when it's time to go to bed. He loves to sing his ABC's and The Wheels on the Bus.  He has such a fun personality and loves to be silly! He's incredibly smart and I'm amazed at how much he's learning every day.

Today I'm sharing how we found out we were expecting and give you some baby updates! I know some people were wondering what took me so long to announce it!
Have you heard of the show  "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?" I probably should have been on it.

I didn't have any of the early pregnancy symptoms to clue me in and the only reason I took a pregnancy test was because my co-workers suggested I might want to take one since I was starting a new birth control.
Since I was breastfeeding Levi I was on a low dose birth control that I felt was not regulating my cycles. I'd have two months normal, one month nothing, one month normal, then nothing again. When I stopped breastfeeding in November I called the doctor to get me on a stronger birth control. I was taking it for about 2 weeks when my co-workers suggested I take a pregnancy test just in case since my last period was in August!

I didn't think too much about it since my cycles have been thrown off anyway but I did pick up a pregnancy test anyway. I swear it didn't take even one second for the results to come back positive! It was 10 o'clock at night and I was in complete shock. Noah even suggested I take another test in the morning to make sure. Sure enough the second one came back positive too.

How pregnant was I??? I could be newly pregnant or 4 months along! I was finally able to be seen by my doctor after Christmas. The ultrasound was able to show not just a peanut but a BABY! He confirmed I was 18 weeks pregnant! The gender could already be determined, it's a GIRL! Crazy. This kind of thing doesn't happen to an over planner like me. Levi just turned one for goodness sake!

It's taken some time to adjust to our surprise news but we are excited to have our family grow. Ava and Lily are thrilled to have a new baby sister. Levi has no idea what's about to happen to his world and Noah is outnumbered.

I'll be 23 weeks on Saturday. Baby girl is moving around a ton! I'm happy to say she's doing great despite the fact I didn't find out about her until last month! Her official due date is June 3rd but if she's anything like her siblings she'll be here mid May.

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