Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Behind the Selfies

I read One Little Momma's blog the other day and she inspired today's post. I'd like to share with you some truths and reveal what really goes on behind the selfies. Like Kilee mentioned in her post, sharing helps us all feel more normal.

Truth #1: Instagram posts are only a snap shot. We pick and choose what to post and it definitely doesn't portray everything. Like when I ask my husband to take my picture and he just doesn't understand why I keep taking selfies of my outfits all the time. Or when my Lily tries to photo bomb all my shots. Or that I had to choose the best out of 30 something burst shots to get the best one because I asked my 6 year old to take my picture. So let it be known I am a normal gal (well, depends on what you consider normal :)) just trying to take one good photo for you guys, LOL! Also, a lot of life happens in between those pretty pictures. When I get home from work, I throw on my pajamas as fast as I can and I'm ready to love on all my kiddos because I have missed them from being at work all day. You'll also notice most of my posts don't show my face. That's mostly because I'm too lazy to do my hair and my face is not flawless. Ha, so there you have it! All my dirty little secrets!

Truth #2: Blogging is HARD work. It definitely takes planning. Planning outfits, planning posts, planning schedules. I enjoy blogging and it can be so rewarding but I struggle to find time in between working a full time 40 hours a week job and when I'm in full time mommy/wife-mode when I get home from that job. I usually get some time to myself when the baby takes a cat nap or when the kids go to bed, but then I realize I need sleep too! I continue to blog because I genuinely love it. If I could, I would quit my job and blog full time. But I'm not there. Can't quit my day job just yet.

Truth #3: Mommin' ain't easy. I'm in the throes of mommyhood with two young girls and a baby. Gone are the summer pool days with a good book to read and laying out. Now it's lathering sun screen on the kids, keeping the baby in the shade, and paying close attention as they play in the pool. They require my undivided attention and I'll admit that I don't always give it to them. Sometimes I lose my patience or find myself fussing about something I shouldn't be fussing about. I'll admit my kids eat too much fast food and don't eat enough vegetables. Sometimes I go to bed defeated like I've failed. I worry about my children's future. With all the crazy things happening in the news, it's hard to stay positive and feel comfortable leaving them one day to face this world on their own. Luckily, my kids still love me unconditionally and I get to start fresh each day. No parent is perfect and I am blessed to not have to do it alone. I embrace this stage in my life because this is what makes my life whole.

Truth #4: Adulting kind of sucks! Sometimes I wish I could go back to high school when my paychecks from working at a retail store went to new clothes and hanging out with friends on the weekends. I didn't have to worry about bills and what to cook for dinner. I manage the bills and money in my household now and I'll admit some weeks are a struggle. I'd love to say we have a nice cushion but the truth is some weeks I'm counting down the days until our next paycheck because we have less than $5 to our name. I'm constantly monitoring our bank account and it's no fun. But I am blessed that we do get our bills paid and our family fed. We are by no means about to live on the streets or anything, I'm just saying adulting is hard and some days I don't want to be one.

Truth #5. I love my life. As messy and as complicated as it might be, I'm thankful for it all. I have an amazing family and my friends will always have my back. My children are my world and the reason I keep going every single day. Each new day is fresh start. I think I beat myself up about the "problems" I'm having but they are no where in comparison with what others are facing. In fact, all of my problems are #firstworldproblems, hahaha. I wanted to share though, like everyone, I'm not perfect. And that is OK.

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