Thursday, February 18, 2016

Alone with Three Kids!

Since going back to work in January I have not had to handle the morning routine with three kids alone yet. I'm not sure why mornings are any more hectic than our nighttime routine, but just knowing we are on a time schedule for work/school is overwhelming. But I knew it would come up eventually since Noah travels for work often.

The first time he had to go I sent the girls over to Mimi's (Noah's mom) house so I just had to worry about getting Levi and myself ready for daycare/work.

The thought of getting us all ready stressed me out but I wanted to go for it this time so instead of sending the girls off, I kept them at home to see how it would go!

To my surprise, this morning went off without a hitch. I documented it through the pictures below! Here's what getting me and three kids off in the morning looks like (on a good day)! If you are a parent, you know there are about 100 other different scenarios that could change everything. There are no filters or edits to show you what real mom life looks like :)

5:30: My alarm went off. All the kids were asleep so I took the opportunity to get myself ready. My shirt says "Im so fancy" but it should say "im so tired"! 

 I keep the baby monitor with me while I'm getting ready. 

 Make- up on,  Check! 
Hair curled, Check! 
Dressed, Check! 

6:10: Next, are ALL the bags! Lunches and bottles are made the night before so in the morning it's just packing them in the right bags! 

6:20:  It's time to wake the babies! First up, Ava! She was not ready.

 Onto the next baby. Levi is always a happy baby when I wake him. Have I told you how much I love his Zipadeezip sleep sack?? 

6:30: Around 4:00 a.m. Lily crawled into bed with me. She was next for me to get up! 

I finish getting Levi changed and he hung out with big sissy while I got Lily ready. 

Lily dressed, check! Lily's teeth brushed, Check!

 Now, to switch sissy. Levi hung out with Lily while I got Ava up! 

 Ava dressed, Check! Ava's teeth brushed, Check! 

All kids' hair is brushed and ready to go! I fix them a quick breakfast (muffins).

6:45 Time for a quick nurse before we all head out the door! 

7:00  I drop the girls off with their Mimi who takes them to school with her. 

7:05: Next, I drop Levi off at daycare. 

Bye, bud! It's so hard to say good-bye to this cutie!

7:30: Mommy made it to work on time! Woo hoo! Now, give me coffee ASAP!

I survived this morning. Let's hope tomorrow goes just as well!

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