Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby Cruzan Update

So in my last post I was having a bit of anxiety after the last doctor's appointment. After a concerning sonogram, we were referred to a specialist to check out the baby and officially measure the baby's nuchal translucency.

On Monday, I went in for what I thought was blood work and an in depth ultrasound. They did an ultrasound first. The sonographer was very nice and she talked me through the whole thing. It was nice to see the baby's heart beat and see it wiggling and turning around in my belly, happy as a clam. She then waited patiently for baby to get in the right position so she could get her measurements. Thankfully, the baby was very cooperative and she was able to get three to four good measurements. I asked her how things were looking and she was saying she wasn't getting anything over 3 which was good.

She finished and said she's get the doctor in to talk to me. When Dr. Baker came in to talk, he said though my measurement (2.6) was above average, it was not alarming. Anything over 3 would be cause for concern. I was so happy to hear that. He then said it was optional whether I wanted to go ahead with the blood test, which would be a better determinant of whether the baby was at risk for Down Syndrome or any other trisomy abnormalities. I was happy enough with the result to opt out. I didn't want to give myself more to worry about.

I'm so relieved that the outcome from the visit was a positive one. Now I feel like I can breathe and start to enjoy the pregnancy.

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