Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Packing Smart

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am not the best packer. I will try to pack my entire closet for one weekend. Over the last couple of days the thought of packing for my upcoming week long trip to Sweden has my anxiety levels soaring. But I want to challenge myself to pack smarter and lighter for this trip. I'll be doing some shopping while I'm there so I want to make room in my suitcase. 

I've come up with a nice little template for packing smart! Before the packing begins the first step is to check out the weather. It'll be averaging in the 40s while I'm visiting.

The next step is pulling out the basics. With the basics covered, you are guaranteed layering options and a classic put together look always. Versatile pieces are the key when traveling.

Next, add some color to make ordinary outfits pop. I'll be throwing in some comfy cords and a couple of bright sweaters that will also layer well.

Functional and comfortable footwear is very important. I'll be doing lots of walking and sight-seeing in Stockholm so I'm making sure I pack my sneakers. A pair of leopard flats can dress up an outfit to and there is no sacrificing style.

Next is packing accessories. I have tons of statement jewelry but for the sake of packing light I'll be sticking to some classic pieces. I may pack one statement necklace to wear if we go out at night. A classic tote is always a way to go when traveling. It will go with every outfit and this tote can be worn as a cross body to free up your arms!

The last items on my list is outerwear.

This packing list is for cold weather destinations but I used this simple template to create one for warm weather too. I used the same principles and it made the task of packing not so daunting! Hopefully this post will help you guys traveling this spring and summer. 

Packing Smart for Cold Weather

Packing Smart

                  Packing Smart for Warm Weather

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  1. Hi, Juls! Very interesting post. I am not a good packer too, so any tips or ideas are welcome. I think you have done a great packing job! Best regards


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