Monday, December 15, 2014

Lily is 3!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately. The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas for me is always madness. Throw in Lily's birthday and I become a mom running around with her head chopped off (that's quite a gross mental picture, but you catch my drift)...

So the birthday party was last weekend and I feel like I can slightly breathe again. I thought I'd take that breath to share my thoughts on Lily turning three!

I'm always nostalgic around my kids' birthdays. Another fast year has gone by and knowing they won't ever be this age again, I need to write my thoughts down!

I should have known what Lily's personality would be like from the moment she entered this world. I remember Ava being wide-eyed and just staring all around. There was no crying, just big eyes wandering the hospital room. Not Lil. She came out screaming, hahaha. And she hasn't stopped since!

I've said this many times to friends and family and all who have seen my kid crying. Lily, in all her three years has not gone a day without crying. Bless my heart. We even asked the pediatrician if something was wrong with her. Patty was watching her during the day when I went back to work and she even had days where she wondered too!

But I think Lily just has the dramatic streak. She'll be fun as a teenager I'm sure! Bless my heart, again.

With that said, I wouldn't have it any other way. Lily has been such a blessing in our lives. She is full of energy and has a humongous heart. She is definitely a momma's girl all the way. She is super silly. Ava and I are constantly laughing at the things she does or says.

Below are the top 10 things that sum up Lily right now:

1. Lily loves: Food, Mommy, and Crying. Probably in that order, lol. Her first sentence was "I'm hungry." No joke.
2. Her favorite color is pink.
3. She tolerates putting her hair back, but the moment she gets a chance (i.e. the minute we get in the car) she takes it out. (her "frazy" hair)
4. She slightly has a lisp and a unique twang to her speech. Not everyone can understand her when she talks still. Ava is a great interpreter.
5. She's into racing lately. She has to win at brushing her teeth, getting into the shower, getting from point A to point B, etc. If not, cue the waterworks...
6. She is almost potty trained. This is the second try at it. She regressed after summer vacation so we shall see what happens after Christmas vacay.
7. Her favorite word is "booty". I have no idea where she learned it from but any time she can squeeze that word in, she will. She thinks its hilarious too.
8. She is super clumsy. She falls and runs into things on a daily basis.
9. She has this thing when she's falling asleep. She will bury/dig her hands and feet under your body. It hurts. a lot.
10.  Did I mention she's a mommy's girl? It's worth two spots on this list.

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