Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It has come and gone but hope all the mommies out there had a wonderful day. Mine was spent with close friends and family at my mom's house. Good food, good company, good time, as always. 

Being a mom is such a blessing. It is truly the only job I know that is both the hardest but the most fulfilling. Every day I'm presented with a sweet moment from either Lily and Ava or both. They can turn a bad day to the brightest day. I feel so blessed to have these two little girls in my life. 

Just a few photos taken this past Sunday. 

What it means to be Ava and Lily's mom this year (because with every age, being a mom to them will change): 
  • snuggling in bed in the morning with Lily (she sleeps with me... shhh!)
  • answering the same questions over and over again. Like: "what do you do?" "What do you do when you have a boo boo?" Ava's at the stage where she asks about EVERYTHING!
  • having dance parties in the living room while we watch American Idol ("mommy's show")
  • laughing at all the words Ava can't say correctly like "Hello Titty" and "fank you"
  • witnessing the most dramatic temper tantrums that consisting of throwing oneself on the ground. Before Lily does it she always makes sure her head doesn't land on something hard so she does it slow motion! too funny!
  • getting random hugs and kisses in between them playing in another room
  • enjoying hard belly laughs. baby laughs are the best! 
  • trying to get them to try ANY vegetables! Not sure how they live off noodles, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and french fries! 
  • walking around with Lily attached to your legs. I'm dealing with a stage 5 clinger!
  • listening the Lily babbling on like she's making sense. 
just to name a few. Love every crazy minute of my life. To another Mother's Day under my belt! 

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