Sunday, January 20, 2013

Omg, #gamechanger

Instagram is my new bff.

I've been trying to think of a way to make my outfit posts better since I'm delving into this style blog world. I see so many cute blogs and either these girls have very talented hubbys and gfs to take their pictures or they are using a tripod, remote, and slr camera.

(Pics taken off blogs:,,, and

I went the hubby route but he laughed when I asked him and then I thought about purchasing a tripod for my Nikon. But I am mainly blogging from my phone and the whole process of editing and transferring pics just didn't seam feasible for me.

But thanks to @ascotfriday (via Instagram), she revealed her secret to taking pics and I'll be forever grateful!!

Her Instagram pic led me to her post here!

I totally wondered if she just had random people take her pics or a fancy photog following her cute family around on the weekends lol!

This is the pic I saw. Aren't they too cute?

So how does she do it?

Drumroll please.... Spiderpodium for the iPhone! Genius! Look it up people! I found mine here!

Now I don't have to take pics in the bathroom at work anymore! Hooray!

It's going to be a total game changer! My lovely podium will be arriving on Wednesday! Can't wait to play around! What I like about this device is that you can attach it to non-flat services. I already have the self timer app so this is really going to make accessing my pics so easy.

So stoked! Ok, just a random rambling for the night. Goodnight!

But really, I'm excited!

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