Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Orlando Preview

I haven't had a chance to upload pics from our trip to Orlando but I do have some from my phone, a little preview of our mini vacation!

My car buddy on the way there :)

Hogwarts! This place was so cool. Wish it wasn't so crowded so I could really enjoy it more. But still awesome!

Ahhh, Butterbeer! Basically a vanilla cream soda. It was yummy!

Lily's first Easter. She's wearing the bib and hat Ava wore on her first Easter :) look at that precious smile!

Ava was able to see Barney or "Narney" as she says it. She loved the show!

Camera fun with miss Ava!

The rest of our fun caught on camera is to be continued....


  1. You and Noah have such a beautiful little family! I love seeing everyone having fun.


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